Right Now Groups are simply small groups who journey together for a few weeks around a central topic. Groups will typically meet at the beginning and end of the study, and during the study may meet in person or by email/text/blog/etc. Suggested size for groups is from 2-10 people.

You may download a complete brochure here

Why Right Now Groups? These groups will help you:

  • Connect to God’s people
  • Create authentic community
  • Engage culture biblically
  • Develop as a disciple

Some steps to take:

  • Enlist a group of people for your short-term discipleship group (groups could be comprised of men, women, co-ed, Sunday School smaller groups, work associates, neighbors, etc...).
  • If you would like to be placed in a random group (either as a member or leader), contact the church office and we will assist you in getting started.
  • Select an electronic resource from Right Now Media (suggestions provided).
  • Make sure group members have access to Right Now Media. Access can be acquired by emailing robby@firstamarillo.org.
  • Contact Robby or Jo Elyn at First Baptist Church to get your group on our church calendar.
  • Plan an initial and final meeting date and time for your group. Each group should meet in person at least twice. Groups can meet in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, business offices, or church facilities.
  • Plan additional meeting times and places (if you plan to meet in person) or set up an email/text/blog for discussion groups. Group meeting options include:
    • Members watch presentations on their own, and get together weekly for discussions.
    • Members watch video presentations on their own, and communicate thoughts and ideas with others in the group by email/text/blog.
    • Members watch presentations together in a group format, then discuss.
  • Secure workbooks/other resources as needed for your study (available from Right Now Media).
  • Attend leader training (optional) for tips on leading a short-term small group.
  • Evaluate the possibility of being a part of another group in the future.


Some suggested Right Now Media studies:

33: The Series (Robert Lewis), Stepping Up: A Call to Courageous Manhood (Dennis Rainey), Killing Lions (John Eldridge), Meaningful Manhood (Tony Evans), Facing the Unknown (Mark Batterson), The Bondage Breaker (Neil Anderson)

Becoming a Woman of Strength (Cynthia Heald), Perfect Love (Lisa Harper), Reclaiming Your Heart (Denise Jones), Pulling the Thread (Jen Hatmaker), She’s Got Issues (Nicole Unice), Heart Wide Open (Shellie Rushing Tomlinson), Love at Last Sight (Kerry Shook)

Have a New Kid by Friday (Kevin Leman), It Starts at Home (Matt Chandler), Raising Kingdom Kids (Tony Evans), Guarding Your Child’s Heart (Gary Smalley), Visionary Parenting: Encouragement for Single Parents (Rob Rienow), The Smart Stepfamily (Ron Deal), Parental Guidance Required (Andy Stanley)

You and Me Forever (Francis Chan), The Art of Marriage (Family Life), His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-proof Marriage (Bill and Joyce Harley), Essentials of Marriage: Handle with Care (Gary and Barb Rosberg), Who Did You Really Marry? (Les and Leslie Parrott)

The Monday Switch (Doug Spada), Developing the Leader within You (Maxwell), Doing the Right Thing (Charles Colson), Ultimate Leadership (Henry Cloud, John Townsend), The Crucible (Phil Tuttle)

Christian Living
Built (Louie Giglio), The Anatomy of a Disciple, Sharing Life (Pete Briscoe), God Will Make a Way (Henry Cloud, John Townsend), Crazy Love (Francis Chan), Not a Fan (Kyle Idleman), Defining Moments (Andy Stanley), Thriving in a Godless Culture (Larry Osborne)

For more information, or if you need help in finding a group, please contact Robby Barrett in the church office at 806.373.2891 or robby@firstamarillo.org or create your free Right Now Media account and begin exploring.



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