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Family Devotion

There are many reasons why people love Christmas time - all the twinkly lights, warm hot cocoa, the crinkle of wrapping paper when opening a gift! Some enjoy this time of year because they get to spend extra special time with people they love!  As Christians, we know that every good gift we enjoy on earth comes from God, especially love. The Advent season is like one big countdown to celebrating the greatest act of love ever performed…God sending His son Jesus to earth as a baby! But why was that so loving?


After Adam and Eve disobeyed God, people would be forever separated from Him. But because of God’s deep and unfailing love for the world, He promised that this wouldn't be the end. God said He would send someone to rescue us from life apart from Him! The Old Testament is full of God’s promises to one day send a rescuer. And after 400 years of silence (between the book of Malachi and the New Testament) God finally did just that in the most unexpected way!  He sent Jesus to his earthly parents, Mary and Joseph, in a lowly stable. The love of God perfectly displayed for all people, through a baby, on the very first Christmas. This was the beginning of Jesus’ earthly journey: to live a sinless life, die on a cross for the sins of the world, and come back to life three days later. The whole story of the Bible points to God’s no-matter-what love. The gift of Jesus at Christmas made it possible for us to become a part of God’s family and spend forever with Him in Heaven. 


Could it be that the reason we feel so much love at Christmas time is because of the way each decoration, wrapped gift, and celebration point to God’s perfect, forever love? Because of Jesus, Christmas means love. Thank you God for the best gift of all!

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Talk About It


What Christmas tradition or activity do you love most?


In what ways do you feel the most loved?

What is the way you like to show others you love them?

How can you as a family show God’s love to others all year long, not just at Christmas?

Give an example of how you see God’s love displayed in your life. 

"This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.”

1 John 4:9

Family Activity

Assign each member of your family another member (choose, draw names, etc.)  Have the whole family take a few minutes to draw a picture of the person they chose.  Then take turns showing your pictures to your family and share with your chosen family member 3 reasons why you love them

Daily Scripture Readings


Sunday:  Matthew 1:18-25
Monday:  1 John 4:9
Tuesday:  John 3:16
Wednesday:  Romans 5:8
Thursday:  Romans 8:38-39
Friday:  John 13:34
Saturday:  1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Missions Challenge

Talk as a family about someone you could invite to the Christmas Eve service at FBC Amarillo. Who do you know that might not know of the amazing love God has for us?  Think of neighbors, friends from school, or even on your sports teams! Encourage them to join you on Saturday, December 24 at 3pm, 4:30pm, or 6pm in the sanctuary.

*This devotion adapted from LifeWay Publishing, Family Advent Guide.

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