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Family Devotion

It’s here! December 25th is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus! He came to earth as a tiny baby to bring us hope, peace, joy, and love - salvation that only comes through Him!


Today, as your family celebrates Christmas in your own special way, take the time to sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus. Talk about your own birthday: how do you feel on your birthday? How do you want people to treat you? Birthdays are always exciting events! Most of us want our birthdays to be all about US! Jesus’ birthday is the perfect day to make it all about HIM! As you take a moment today to remember what Christmas is all about, here are some things you can talk about together:


The hope God promised to bring to the world through Jesus. 

The peace Jesus brings to each one of us through his birth, life, death and resurrection. 

The joy God provided to believers through the very first Christmas.

The love God demonstrated for us through Jesus and gives freely to us today!

Take some time today to read the Christmas Story from Matthew 1:18-2:12 or Luke 2:1-20 as a family! 


Rejoice today for He is born!

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*This devotion adapted from LifeWay Publishing, Family Advent Guide.

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