“She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” Matthew 1:21

My name is Joseph. I still hear the sound of the voice of that angel as he spoke to me in my dream. I don’t know how he knew I was afraid of everything that had been happening. He knew I was planning on ending my engagement to Mary and that I was worried about what other people would think about her. The angel told me that Mary’s pregnancy was a miracle and that this baby would save us from our sins! What?! When I woke up, I knew that God had great plans I could trust, so I obeyed what the angel had said and committed to marrying Mary and raising the baby. There were many times I thought about the name the angel told us to give our baby: Jesus. The name Jesus means “the Lord saves”—what incredible hope that gave me! For so long we’d been waiting for the Messiah the Lord had promised to send, but it seemed so strange that God would send us that Messiah in the form of a baby. As the shepherds began to arrive on the night of Jesus’ birth, any doubts I had about who Jesus was (or would be) began to fade. They had heard the same message from the angels: baby Jesus was the Savior! The Messiah we’d been waiting for was here! And He was here to save the world from our sins!

FAMILY DEVOTION:  Joseph Heard an Angel 

•••••••• TALK ABOUT IT

Have you ever had a strange dream? What happened?

What does your name mean? Are you named after anyone?

How does Jesus’ name tell us who He is?

How do you think Mary & Joseph felt when Jesus was born?

How did Mary & Joseph obey God?

How can you obey God?


As a family, make a list of all the names Jesus is called. (Start with Isaiah 9:6!) What does each name tell us about Jesus? How does each name help you understand who Jesus is and why He came to earth? Pray together thanking God for loving us enough to send His Son to earth to be crucified and resurrected so that we can have a relationship with Him.


Sunday: Isaiah 40:1-5

Monday: Luke 1:26-33

Tuesday: Matthew 1:18-25

Wednesday: Isaiah 9:6

Thursday: Luke 2:1-7

Friday: Luke 2:8-20

Saturday: John 1:14


Choose a name off the ‘Joy to the World’ tree at FBC. As a family, shop for a Christmas gift for that child. Pray for him/her to understand the gift of Jesus this Christmas.

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