"When they saw the star, they were overjoyed."

Matthew 2:10

I’m one of the Magi who visited Jesus. I wish you could see the star we followed to find Him! I had studied the night sky all my life—planets and stars fascinated me! This star was different than  anything I’d ever seen. Centuries before I was born, a prophet named Balaam told us that a star would lead to the Messiah. (You can read his prophecy in your own Bible in Numbers 24:17!) My friends & I knew this star would lead us to the Messiah we’d been promised. We followed the star all the way to Bethlehem. Bethlehem seemed like such a strange place for God’s Son to be born—nothing important had ever come out of Bethlehem. We arrived at a small house, and when we went inside, we found Jesus and his parents. What kind of King lives in a small house? We brought gifts for Jesus: Gold (a gift suitable for a king), Frankincense (something that gives an aroma of  worship), and Myrrh (used to care for dead bodies). Our three gifts said a lot about who Jesus is:  Jesus is the King of Kings who would die for our sins. I bowed down to worship Jesus. I knew that Jesus was more than just a baby—he was God’s Son! He was my King! The Messiah, Jesus, had come to take away my sins!  

FAMILY DEVOTION:  Worship the King

•••••••• TALK ABOUT IT

Why were the gifts the Magi brought  to Jesus strange? 
What gift would you take to Jesus? Why? 
What do you think the Magi talked about on the way to Bethlehem? What does it mean to seek Jesus? How can you seek Jesus? 
Who can you tell about  Jesus? 
How can our lives be like a star that lead others to Jesus?


As a family, go outside and look at the stars. Which is the brightest star you see? In Matthew 5, Jesus says that we are the light of the world. When we let Jesus be our leader, we’re like the stars in the sky! Our lives (our words, actions, and attitudes) can lead others to Jesus. Talk together about ways you can show Jesus’ love to others and how your life can bring others closer to Him.


Sunday: Matthew 11:2-5

Monday: Micah 5:2

Tuesday: Matthew 2:1-8

Wednesday: Matthew 2:9-12

Thursday: Hebrews 4:14-16

Friday: Matthew 5:14-16

Saturday: John 3:19-21


Bake cookies with your family. Eat a few, then deliver the rest  
to someone who needs encouragement. Remind them how much Jesus loves them!

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