"You are right in saying I am a King. In fact, for this reason I was born, and for this I came into the world..."

John 18:37

My name is King Herod. I was very worried when I heard that a baby named Jesus would one day be king. I was king! This was MY kingdom! The Magi and shepherds could choose to worship Jesus if they wanted, but there was no way I was going to bow down to anyone. I’m the boss, and I make the rules. Besides, this King didn’t even have a home—He was born in a manger! He didn’t have an army, or horses, or even a sword to fight with. What kind of King was this? I tried to trick the Magi into telling me where this child was, but they never came back. After that, I didn’t trust anyone in Jerusalem—not even the children. I had no way of knowing which child was Jesus, so they were all  a threat. I’m not sure if the men in my army ever found Jesus—we searched for Him for many months. If He was a King, then surely He would have been brave enough to face me. I knew the scriptures said that the Messiah we’d been promised would come to restore our relationship with God, but I wasn’t ready to give up my kingdom and power to follow Him. I like being in charge. I like my comfortable life. I’m sure you don’t have that problem, though. I’m sure that, unlike me, you are willing to give up everything and follow Jesus. You won’t reject Him like I did, right?  

FAMILY DEVOTION:  King Herod Rejects Jesus

•••••••• TALK ABOUT IT

What comes to mind when you think of a king? What is his kingdom like? Why was King Herod afraid of Jesus? 
Jesus is King of Kings. How is He different than earthly kings? 
How can you keep Jesus as your focus during Christmas? 
What distracts us from following Jesus? 
How can you encourage others to follow Jesus?


When did you first choose to follow Jesus? Parents, share with your children about when you truly understood Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and when you asked God to forgive your sins. Were you  baptized? If so, where? Who was there? Allow your children to ask questions about what it means to become a Christian, and watch for opportunities to point them to the hope we have in Christ.


Sunday: Matthew 1:18-23
Monday: Matthew 2:1-8

Tuesday: Matthew 2:9-12

Wednesday: Matthew 2:13-16

Thursday: Matthew 2:19-21

Friday: John 18:37
Saturday: Isaiah 9:6-7


Invite a neighbor or friend to attend Christmas Eve services with your family at FBC Amarillo.  
Tuesday, December 24 at 4:00pm & 6:00pm

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