Use the link below to access the Gospel Project curriculum as well as our current calendar.


View the Scope and Sequence here to see what is coming up in future units.


The link below has some great weekly helps as you plan your lesson each week.  It includes more background information than you are given in your book as well as a link to audio to hear from some of the writers about the lesson.



Any video you use off of Youtube you can run through the site below to take out all ads


Looking for an extra video to add to your lesson use one of the links below.


Gospel Project on Youtube.  Includes a great series for older kids called “Exploring the Essential Truths of the Christian Faith”


Want to have a time of Worship in your class, this is a great site with many songs


Other Resources

Crossword Puzzles, Word Search, Fill in the Blanks and more

This articles provides a link to 12 different websites that have Bible Trivia

Compassion International Kids

This website has great resources and activities about Uganda


Here is information and writing prompts for writing letters to your child

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