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Sarah Stevens & Cliff Cary


The addition of The Loft would be a blessing to the many ministries of FBC Amarillo, including the Children’s Ministry. The added space of The Loft would provide the opportunity to expand VBS classrooms, to offer outdoor preteen hangouts on the turf, and to provide inviting rooms for parent meetings. However, more than additional rooms and facilities, The Loft would provide a unique middle ground for senior adults and children to connect and learn from one another.

FBC Amarillo has a long-standing tradition of both a faithful Senior Adult Ministry and a vibrant Children’s Ministry. Two groups on opposite spectrums, both active and important in the life of our church, both serving the FBC family in different, yet meaningful, ways.

Through The Loft, senior adults would have more direct access to the children and students of FBC to pass down “the pattern of sound teaching,” showing them how to stand firm in the truth of God’s Word. Senior adults would have the opportunity to delight in the innocence of childhood as they see a younger generation serving their church family and growing in their relationship with the Lord. They would be able to share old family photos and laugh at past fashion styles that are now, inevitably, trendy once again. As they stroll from Park Place or enter FBC through The Loft parking garage, senior adults would be able to see kids playing games on the lawn or on the basketball courts that much resemble games they played growing up.

Children would have the space to sit and listen to an older generation share life and faith lessons as they play board games together or work side-by-side completing hands-on mission projects. Children would have the opportunity to learn how the Holy Spirit has guided their senior adult friends, protecting them in ways they didn’t even know to ask. They would be able to share their favorite silly Knock-Knock jokes and demonstrate the latest ‘flossing’ dance craze. They would experience grandparent-like love and support as they spend time getting to know new, older friends.The importance of inter-generational worship and community cannot be overstated. FBC places great value on the corporate worship experience from preschoolers to senior adults. The Loft would only serve to further FBC’s intention of joining these groups and generations.

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