In 1896, with a membership of around 105, the First Baptist Church of Amarillo pledged $320 to foreign missions. Again and again in the century following, this congregation has reaffirmed the commitment that the love of Jesus Christ compels us outward into our city, our region, and our world.

The powerful stories of God’s work through the missions and ministry of FBC Amarillo could fill volumes. In hopes of empowering our worship and witness today, a few of our most recent stories are captured here. This occasional journal is an attempt to share glimpses of God’s continuing work through the lives of faithful people in our midst. From here in Amarillo to places across the globe, these experiences are individual testimonies made possible by the continued support and commitment of an entire church family.

TREVOR BROWN - Associate Pastor

These stories also serve to point us forward, to lead us onward in our calling and commitment to embody God’s redeeming love in all places and to all people. Aswe give thanks for what God has done, let these stories also inspire us to imagine new ways of living out a faithful Christian witness today.


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