A question that has haunted less-than-average linguists for decades. A question that stumps even the best grammar students on occasion. Polyglots struggle with its appropriate answer. And it is no surprise that many folks in the Panhandle aren’t overly concerned one way or another!But for the First Baptist Church family in 2019, we desperately want to know who(or whom) needs to hear the good news of Christ or be invited to attend worship and Bible Study!

•Whom do you work with that may not have a church family?

•Whom in your family could you invite to FBC Amarillo?

•Who lives down the hall or around the corner in your apartment that you could invite to church?

•Whom do you see at the grocery store that you could invite to our church?

•Who is a new classmate or student you have recently met that needs to hear about Christ?

•Whom do you see at the doctor’s or dentist’s office that may need a church family?

•Who lives next door or across the street that you could invite to our church?

•Whom do you ask for assistance at a local place of business?

•Whom do you cross paths with that may need a church family?

•Who helps with yard work or tasks around your house that you could invite to FBC?

•Who asks you religious questions from time to time, but does not yet attend our church?•Whom do you talk with on the phone that may need to experience the love of our church?

This year, look for opportunities to invite him or her (or he or she??) to consider Christ and explore the family at First Baptist Church! Let’s let the people of the Panhandle know how much we love them and want to be family!

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