Read Daniel 9 – today we are focusing on 9:22-27

Last week’s lesson focused on Daniel’s prayer. This vision is connected to his prayer of confession for himself and for the Israelite people. 


"The final chapters of Daniel are a series of visions about the future. Theologians disagree as to interpreting these chapters, especially the fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecies. However, there is agreement that these visions depict God as sovereign and in control, while sin and evil are set against the ways of God. Daniel’s visions help us understand the nature of this conflict, and, like Daniel, we can trust and follow God’s purpose for our lives, even when we don’t fully understand.” Faith Under Fire: Teaching Guide


Here’s a few things we can learn from this passage:

1. God is in control

2. Jesus cancels our sins

3. Jesus will be victorious (and so are those in Christ)

4. Everything is in God’s timing so we can trust God. 

"Having a confidence in these truths, we should be motivated to live transformed lives honoring what Jesus has done for us, and we should want others to share with us in the victory in Christ." - Faith Under Fire: Student Guide


How do these truths encourage you or challenge you to share your faith with others? How is your life transformed by what Jesus has done for you?


Right now, many things in life feel out of control. "How can at least a surface layer of understanding of this passage help provide confidence that God is in control?” - Faith Under Fire: Student Guide


Knowing that God has already fulfilled the promise to rebuild His city and send His Messiah once, does this promise to do it again provide hope to you?  


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