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Many Christians have become Christians in order to be forgiven of their sins and be assured of going to Heaven. That’s great, but just being forgiven is not God’s total plan for us. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to live in our lives, and thereby to give us a new spiritual nature that can produce Godly fruit.


READ Galatians 5:22-25


In 5:18-21, Paul delineates the fruit or characteristics of a life that is rooted in man’s fallen, sinful nature. A self-driven life is destructive. In Matthew 7:15-20, Jesus said you can recognize a good tree or a bad tree by its fruit. What comes out of us is what already fills up our life.  What kind of fruit have you been producing this week?


There is one Holy Spirit who comes to live within us when we believe. The fruit cannot exist apart from the producer of that fruit. Since only God’s Holy Spirit can come live inside of us, only He can help us put to death our old sinful nature, only He can transform our lives, and only He can produce characteristics that find their roots in God.  Examining your life, what are some of the characteristics that are evident in your life?  How did God ‘root’ those into your life?  Was it through studying his word?  A Sunday sermon or Sunday School lesson?


What are some changes that God has accomplished in your life since you received Christ?


Which characteristic or trait that is the fruit of the Spirit, is most needed in your life currently? Ask God to increase that fruit in your life, and to give you insights on how to more deeply develop that trait in your life.


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