Sunday Morning Bible Study Classes

All classes are from 9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. for all ages. Classes for adults are based around solid Bible study, building and growing relationships, caring for self and others, serving, and much more!


Single Adult Studies

Young Professionals (mid 20’s to mid 30’s) – Room 333
Passage (mid 30’s to mid 40’s) – Room 331
Midpoint (mid 40’s to late 50’s) – Room 312
Single Adult 4 – (60’s) – Room 109

Married Young Adult Studies

Nearlywed/Newlywed - Across the Street building

Young Adult 1 (mid to late 20's) – Room 302
Young Adult 2 (to late 30’s) – Room 306
Young Adult 3 (late 30's to early 40's) – Upstairs FLC


Married Adult Studies

Adult 1 (40 something) – Room 310
Adult 2 (mid 40’s to mid 50’s) – Room 309
Adult 3 (mid to late 50's) – Room 104
Adult 4 (late 50's to mid 60's) – Room 307

Co-ed Studies (all ages)

Barnabas Class – Room 311
Crossroads – Room 333
Digging Deeper – Room 301
Journeys in Faith – Family Life Center, 201
The Middle – Family Life Center, Grande Room


Senior Adult Studies

Adult 5 (Late 60’s to 70’s) – Room 107
Adult 6 (70 something) - Room 108
Adult 7 (late 70's to early 80's) – Chapel
Adult 8 (Ages 80+) - Fellowship Hall 


Women Studies

Seeds of Faith (all ages) – Room 308
Dottie's Girls (60 something) -  Room 110

International Bible Studies (all ages)

International Adults (all nationalities) – Room 101
Burmese Adults – Buchanan Street Chapel
Burundi Adults – International Ministries Center
Laotian Adults – International Ministry Center
Vietnamese Adults – International Ministry Center 

Discover First Class

We offer our four-week Discover First class at least two times a year (fall and spring) in the Family Life Center Grande Room. This class is a great way to get to know more about First Baptist Church. Topics for the class include Baptist history and distinctives, a brief history of our church, a walking tour of First Baptist Church, opportunities for involvement, and a question and answer time with our pastor. Guests, recent new members, and even people who have been a part of First Baptist Church for a long time but want to know more are welcome!


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