The church's Jail and Prison Ministry Teams are active each week in the Potter County Detention Center and in the TDCJ Clements and Neal Units here in Amarillo. In the Detention Center, a rotating group of our Sunday Bible Study teachers lead the men through that previous Sunday's lesson one more time on Monday evening. On Tuesday evening another ministry team enters the TDCJ Neal Unit and leads men through the Men's Fraternity courses, "The Quest for Authentic Manhood" and "Winning at Work & Home." On Wednesday evening a third ministry team enters the TDCJ Clements Unit to facilitate those same programs for the men residing in that unit's Faith-Based Dorm. In each of the three locations our teams are responding to the command of the Lord Jesus Christ from Matthew 25:36, "... I was in prison, and you came to Me." 


Please provide the following volunteers with consistent prayer support, that God will honor their efforts to positively impact lives in very stressful environments:

Potter County Detention Center
Dr. Steven Austin, Fred Beck, Barry Bedwell, Bill Brian, Page Butler, Joe Bill Crowley,  Mike Lee, Donny Mason and Ken McCartney.

TDCJ Clements Unit
Bob Dempsey, Tom Foran, David Rieff, Ray Saavedra and Eric Wolfram 

TDCJ Neal Unit
Jon Mark Beilue, Tom Foran, Jim Hampsten, Larry Heimsoth and Ray Saavedra

Comments from the Incarcerated:
"Agape love is unconditional love, but it's also love in action. In this the First Baptist Church of Amarillo has succeeded greatly and, again, I want to thank you."

"I am not too sure about the others, but I felt good being treated like a person. That by itself was a blessing, being treated like a man amongst men."

"You all shared your lives, time, and love with us -  a bunch of prisoners thought to be nothing. You showed us it is okay to cry, laugh, share personal stories, and be Christian men. Please let your congregation know how successful the program is and our hunger for Christ and examples of men who want to share their personal experiences with Christ."

"Thank you for helping me see life through new eyes."

For more information regarding this area of the church's ministry, please contact Tom Foran at (806) 373-2891, x252


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