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Young adults have more than enough in their daily lives to keep them busy. Family, work, God, church, community, social identity, and all the things that come along with it. Out of the 168 hours a week, most young adults will spend dozens at work, dozens at home, and dozens in the community, but less than three in community with God and with other believers.

We have a place for you! You can not only be a part of the church, but we want you to BE the church. We offer Bible Studies for every stage in life, as well as special events...come find your place with us, we welcome you to FBC.


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Midway is a midweek gathering for young adults. This is a time designed to be relaxed, relational and relevant to your life. Worship, Bible Study and small group discussion are all major components of Midway. No matter if you’re single, married or divorced, there is someone like you at Midway. Come grab a cup of coffee and recharge with us soon in room 302.


Marriage Ministry
Marriage is an incredible relationship instituted by God Himself. At First Baptist, we want to help you have a God-honoring marriage that reaches its full potential. We have a three-fold approach to marriage ministry. First, we offer a pre-marriage program to help couples set a solid foundation before they enter into marriage. Next, we offer marriage enrichment groups throughout the year to aide in strengthening marriages. Finally, we offer counseling to couples who are in crisis to help navigate through serious hardships.


Young Adult Live
Young Adult Live is a series of events especially for young adults that range from games nights and parenting information to marriage help and much more. Whether you’re needing some encouragement, a night out, or just something fun to do with friends, Young Adult Live fits the bill. Keep an eye out in our publications for the next event.

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