Worship with these songs


We chose these songs as many of them use the word “we” and remind us of the Body of Christ we worship alongside of, even when we are not physically meeting together. As you worship with these songs, remember that although you are not together at this moment, know that others are also worshipping with the same songs and we are the Body of Christ, the Church.


Think about these things:


As Bradley mentioned, think about who is your “Phone a Friend,” and who can you be a “Phone a Friend” for in each of these categories?

            - Cheerleader- someone who builds you up and encourages you

            - Counselor- someone who offers biblical advice

            - Mentor- someone who you can talk with and learn from

            - Pastor- perhaps a staff member or a Sunday School teacher

            - Prayer Support- someone who you can pray with and who will pray over you

We encourage you today to contact them and thank them for the support they’ve given you.


Think about this: Which of the following are you pretty good at? Which do you need to work on?

            - Surrounding yourself with godly people

            - Being a godly influence in someone else’s life

            - Both

Spend some time in prayer asking God to help you with this.


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